Cheapest Car Rental Manila Philippines

Viking Rent A Car Services offers the cheapest car rental Manila Philippines. Rent your vehicle in a daily, weekly, monthly or long term basis (leasing).

Types of Car Rentals:
Cheapest Car Rental Manila Philippines

  • Self Drive
  • Chauffeur Drive
  • Leasing / Long term rental
  • Special Events
  • Truck / Utility Vans Leasing
  • One Way Rental Pick up or Drop off
  • Airline Crew Shuttle
  • Special Events: Conventions, Summit, Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Weddings. Large groups of hundreds to thousands. Guests can avail of self-drive rentals at special rates.

***All vehicles price are flexible, call us for a free quote***

Avail now of the cheapest car rental rates you will ever find online! Good and fast service with flexible vehicle prices. Viking takes pride in its roster of services that make clients go back to avail of these services:

Self Drive

Self DriveNeed it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Even long term if you say so! Viking Rent A Car Services Philippines is being enjoyed by increasing satisfied clients because of the practicality in terms of cheapest car rental rates deals that are on the budget and surprisingly helpful even if you're on a self drive.

Chauffeur Drive

Chauffeur DriveHire both the driver and the vehicle! This is a perfectly convenient rent a car service in the Philippines especially when you want to relax, sit back and have a safe drive to your destination whether it is out of town or for just a nice drive going to an occasion or event.

Leasing / Long Term Rental

Leasing / Long Term RentalBuying a brand new car or even a second hand can be too costly especially if you will be using it for a period of time. While you are balancing your decision, for the meantime, long term rent a car services leasing may just fit right on the budget. Long term car rental can likewise give you time to check whether you are comfortable on the vehicle you have chosen and see if you are planning to buy the same type. Ideal for family or corporate use, long term rental makes it possible to budget on your transportation expenses!

Special Events

Special EventsBe it a wedding, a birthday party, a convention, tradeshow— rent a car services of Viking Philippines provides the cheapest car rental rates! Deals that are definitely practical and convenient for the occasion.

Truck / Utility Vans Leasing

Truck / Utility Vans LeasingForwarding cargoes or large equipment and the like? Viking is a cheapest car rental Manila Philippines that takes care even the needs for utility van leasing to deliver quality service in short or long distances with efficiency and security guaranteed.

One-Way Rental Pick Up or Drop Off

One Way Rental Pick Up or Drop OffSometimes when coding becomes a problem or when another family member uses your only car, the best solution is to find the cheapest car rental rates in the country that can simply pick you up or drop you off to specific locations just exactly where you need to be at. Convenient, safe, practical, Viking car rental company Philippines ensures you get the most out of your rented car experience.

Airline Crew Shuttle

Airline Crew ShuttleTourists and Balikbayans would love to hear that there is in fact a cheapest car rental rate services offered in the Philippines for their traveling needs from airport to their destination and vice versa.


For all information relating to our vehicles, including van and our cheapest car rental Manila Philippines, view our cars section to help you determine which vehicle category suits your rental needs from our extensive fleet range in Philippines. Where applicable each category comes with a recommendation about suitable uses and details of passenger capacity, storage space and vehicle features.

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